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Sam and Dave's behaviour tears the family apart in Hollyoaks

Can Maxine stop Sam from stalking Zoe and bring the family back together?

When Zoe receives a book from Sam on how to be a parent and have a career, she shows the unwanted to gift to Maxine, admitting that her mind is made up. If her ex doesn’t stop harassing her soon, she’ll be forced to take legal action. Concerned at how far her brother is going, Maxine tells the DS she’ll see what she can do.

Overhearing his family talk about Sam’s latest actions, Mason has a chat with his brother. But just when it looks like there’s a breakthrough as Sam realises he’s been selfish, a mention of the incel forum groups from Mason leaves him angry thinking he’s being compared to them.

Receiving advice from Darren and Tony, Sam ignores his family’s worries and gives it one more go with getting through to Zoe. But when Zoe returns home, she finds her ex in the house, refusing to leave.

After feeling uncomfortable in her own home, Zoe gives Sam 5 minutes to talk and convince her not to take further action against him. Unable to get through to Sam, Zoe tells him she doesn’t love him anymore and that she is not keeping the baby.

When Zoe tells Maxine about Sam's latest actions, she is concerned that her brother is harassing the DS and soon the former police officer is picked up by the police after a report regarding him has come through.

The next morning, Dave returns home still drunk and Sam, Lizzie and Mason plan an intervention to help bring the family back together. However, after being lured there under false pretences by Lizzie, Maxine is reluctant to participate.

With Dave refusing to accept any responsibility for his actions, he lashes out at his eldest daughter causing an even bigger tear in the family. When the desperate dad turns up on her doorstep apologising to his daughter, Maxine asks if there’s more going on and Dave admits he’s struggling with being lonely.

When the father and daughter turn up to meet the rest of the family things start to look up for them. Could this be a turning point?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm first look episodes available weekday mornings on Channel 4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4


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