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Sam caught in gunfire as Sharon returns and Harvey's trial gets underway in Corrie

But will Leanne give evidence?

Having given his Mum the slip, Sam calls with a Father’s Day card for Nick as Harvey's sidekick watches on. Sharon tries to talk Rhys out of Harvey’s plan to turn the screws on Leanne, but to no avail.

As Nick and Sam head towards the car a returning Leanne is horrified to hear the sound of gunshots. Seeing Nick and Sam sprawled on the ground, Leanne and Steve race towards them fearing the worst!

Sharon watches from a distance, heart in mouth, and in her hideout, Sharon’s about to do a runner when Rhys bursts in. Leanne realises she needs to stand up in court and tell the truth.

Later, Rita is shocked to find Sharon in her flat, having taken a beating from Harvey’s gang for trying to warn Leanne. After Sharon begs her to give her the £10k back so she can disappear and start a new life, Rita calls the bank to arrange the transfer.

Meanwhile, Nick tells Natasha that Leanne is going to give evidence and it would be best if she and Sam moved back to London for their own safety. Horrified, Gail advises Nick that for Sam’s sake he should leave Leanne.

As Harvey's trial gets underway and Leanne enters the witness box, will she dare tell the truth as she stares her tormentor in the eye? And when Sharon is called as a witness, she gives a damning report of Harvey's violent nature, and how he exploits vulnerable children for his own gain.

Back on the street, Rita welcomes Sharon, explaining to Jenny how she did the right thing and her evidence will put Harvey behind bars.

As she packs her bag, Sharon tells Rita that after giving evidence she fears for her life and Rita offers to give her the £10k to help her start afresh.

Coronation Street continues Mondays with all episodes available on ITV Hub ahead of being shown on ITV on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday


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