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Sam is shocked after walking in on Amy in EastEnders

But what did she find her doing? And how will Jack react when he's told?

Angry that she neglected another school event, Ricky blanks Sam when she tries to make conversation and Jack arranges a belated birthday dinner for Amy, who refused to leave her room on the day itself

But as Sam tries to blag an invite to build bridges with Ricky, Denise tells her she's not welcome.

Later, Amy ends up arguing with Nugget, Denzel and Lily about the rumours swirling about her and when Denzel tries to follow her to make amends, Amy brushes him off.

Using her old keys to get inside the Branning house, Sam heads upstairs with a dress to give Amy to secure a dinner invite. As she walks in on Amy, she's shocked by what she sees and initially rushes out before soon returning.

Meanwhile, in The Vic, Jack is annoyed that Amy is a no-show who eventually turns up with Sam in tow, hoping that the invite to dinner will buy Sam's silence. However later, Sam accosts Jack in the gents' toilets and tells him about Amy and they realise Amy is at the door and has heard everything.

When Amy tells Jack to stay out of her life, Denise begs him to tread more carefully and together they go to the school to talk to Mrs Larkham about Amy's problems. Fixated on Denzel, Jack wants to know if Amy's changed since he arrived, a line of questioning Denise tries to shut down. At the salon, Kim can see something is up with Denise, who tells her the truth.

With Denzel struggling to cope with the unfolding situation with Amy and the gossip, Patrick offers him some words of wisdom and Howie wishes he could reach through to his son as easily as Patrick.

In The Vic, Jack confronts Howie and demands Denzel stays away from Amy and as things get heated, Jack punches him just as Denise and Kim walk in. As Denise tries to calm Jack down, to no avail, he lashes out and makes it clear that Amy is his daughter, not hers.

Later, with the internet down, Patrick and Howie convince Denzel to play dominoes to pass the time. As the conversation turns to Amy, Denzel talks about his complicated feelings and Kim breaks the mood by storming in to turn the router back on, making Denzel realise that the men tricked him!

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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