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Sam makes Ben co-manager of Peggy's in EastEnders as she worries her cover will be blown

When the police turn up, who are they here for?

Ben is intrigued when he spots Jonah’s drug dealer, Tez, giving Sam a packet of drugs at Peggy's. As he starts to be questioned by Phil, Ben is taken aback.

Turning the focus to Sam, Ben tells Phil he should worry about her, implying she is damaging the bar. When Phil questions Sam and asks what’s going on, she's forced to cover.

Spotting Tez, Ben asks him for drugs and when he goes to fetch Tommy from football, Tommy finds the drugs and innocently taunts him about what it is. After Ben aggressively asks for them, back, Tommy later advises Ben to get rid of the drugs. But will Ben listen?

Realising she’s in danger of being ratted out by Ben for working with Tez, Sam calls Ben’s bluff and wins his silence by bringing him on side as co-manager at Peggy’s.

Meanwhile, when Zack learns Rocky is trying to sell his old car, he begs him to wait 24 hours for him to find the cash to buy it back. As Zack tells Chelsea he’s going to ask Sam for an advance on his wages, they're both surprised when an arrogant Ben turns up acting like the boss.

Trying other ways to get the money for the car, Zack calls up for loans. But it proves fruitless and Zack’s disappointment turns to fury when Ben riles him.

When Zack is mocked by Ben, it's the final straw for him as he punches Ben to the ground in Peggy’s.

As everyone reels from the fight at Peggy’s, Zack leaves and is followed by Kat who gives him some advice.

With Sam furious with Zack for punching Ben, he defends himself on the grounds of his suspicion that Ben has been dealing drugs in Peggy’s. And their attention turns elsewhere when the police raid Peggy’s.

Continuing to drink and take drugs, Ben reaches out to James.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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