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Sam Mitchell returns to EastEnders

But why is she really back in Albert Square?

As Ben goes to visit Steve, his guilt creeps in as he tells Steve's mum that he is one of his friends.

Worried his actions could catch up with him, Ben pleads with Sharon to be an alibi if needed. Will she agree?

Meanwhile, when Callum and Jack interview the mother, they say they'll check the CCTV after being told about a friend who visited. Later, Jack demands answers right away from Ben as he confronts him about the CCTV footage.

As she returns to Albert Square, Sam Mitchell immediately gets on the wrong side of Kat and Sharon who are less than pleased to see her. Staying tight-lipped about why she’s back, Sam enjoys winding them both.

Jack is alarmed to see her and despite her assuring him it’s a brief visit, he confides in Denise and they agree Ricky deserves to know who she is.

Already causing trouble and reigniting old feuds, Sam’s return does not go down well. But why is she really back in Albert Square?

With Ben furious to discover what Sam is up to, she secretly worries she is not up to the task at hand and fearing the worst, Sharon enlists Kat's help.

Revealing all to Billy, Sam tells him that she's leaving tonight and Ricky, reeling from the news that his mum is back in town heads to Walford East for an awkward interaction with her.

Whilst Denise warns her off, Sam sees an opportunity and confronts Jack who is riled as Sam goes to extreme lengths to get what she wants. Soon, Jack gets a worrying phone call. What has Sam done?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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