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Sam struggles with how to help Lydia after disappointing news from the police in Emmerdale

Can a supportive Rhona help?

When Lydia turns down his offer of spending the day together, Sam is left gutted and unsure of how to handle things. With Lydia insistent on cleaning the house, Sam’s left feeling lost and helpless, scared to touch his traumatised wife.

Lydia's immediately on edge when a police officer arrives to update her on Craig, leaving Sam angry when they're told that he has been released pending further investigation. And Lydia struggles to hide her disappointment.

Later, as Sam sits alone, a shadow of his former self, Rhona passes and with Sam desperate to unburden, invites her home. They arrive home just as a despondent Lydia looks through the crisis leaflets.

Concerned, a supportive Rhona sits with a tentative Lydia as she unburdens, whilst a nervous and tormented Sam listens in, furious that Craig may go unpunished.

Later that week, Cain supports struggling Sam and with Cain in his ear is left wondering whether he can bring Craig to justice. Can he?

As Lydia returns from her counselling session, Sam is full of admiration and sympathy, their love is undeniable.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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