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Sam tries to win Lydia back in Emmerdale

Will his plan for a perfect Christmas Day go to plan?

Please note these spoilers are for Monday 20th to Friday 31st December

Mandy urges Sam to make amends with Lydia and promises to back Vinny up in his campaign to free Liv.

When Lydia finds a Christmas invitation hanging out of her letterbox, she appears bemused as she reads it, unaware that a grinning Sam is watching in the distance having put his plan into action.

As Sam continues his attempt to win Lydia back, Samson offers him some advice.

Over at the Dingles’, Sam’s gone all out to plan the perfect Christmas day. But can he win back Lydia?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays plus Christmas Day and Boxing Day at 7pm on ITV


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