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Samson plays on Amelia's self-doubt as he sinks to new lows in Emmerdale

Is Esther about to be taken into care?

When a worn-out Amelia starts to doubt her abilities as a mum, Dan reassures her that things will get better. But Amelia is not convinced and as she struggles for a babysitter, Lydia comes up with a solution.

At the Dingles Homestead, Lydia piles baby Esther onto Samson who is fuming to be left holding the baby. And Amelia is later stunned when Samson suggests putting baby Esther up for adoption!

After cruelly reminding Amelia of her abortion plans, Samson is annoyed when his scheming backfires. Upset, Amelia confirms she knows what’s best for Esther and that’s family and at Jacobs Fold, Noah reassures Amelia she’s a great mum.

When Noah tells her that he’s set up a cot in his room for the baby, Amelia is touched by Noah’s sweet gesture and after a heated confrontation with Noah at the Dingles Homestead, Samson is determined to do something major.

Calling social services, Samson sinks to a new low as he pleads with them to take Esther into care.

The next day, Dan is confused to open the door to a social worker and a worried Amelia is shocked to learn there’s been a complaint made about baby Esther’s welfare.

Gutted to learn what Samson has done, Sam pours his heart out, rationalising the sacrifice he made to make up for Alice’s death. And Samson delivers a low blow, stating he doesn’t want to be anything like his dad.

But this is all too much for Sam as he collapses to the ground.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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