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Sara Pascoe to release a podcast alongside her new book

Sex Power Money will be released on 29th August and an 8-part podcast of the same name will be released weekly from 12th August.

The podcast will see comedian Sara Pascoe conduct in-depth interviews with people who have experience around sex work, stripping and porn.

Guests include author Hallie Rubenhold, sex workers Charlotte Rose and Eliza Harper, comedian Sophie Duker, sexual and reproductive health expert Dr Annabel Sowemimo and pornographic film director Dr Anna Arrowsmith.

The new book will see comedian her explore the biology behind sex and masculinity, the history of sexual representation and the way all human interactions are underwritten by wealth.

Speaking about the podcast, Sara Pascoe said “These podcasts contain the most interesting and enlightening conversations I’ve ever had in my life - I really hope listeners find them interesting too. And they’re a great accompaniment to the book.”

Whilst the podcast's producer Niriksha Bharadia added “Sara's brilliant book covers a vast range of interesting ideas around traditionally taboo subjects. Launching the podcast allows further exploration and discussion of these important issues with a variety of guests. We hope listeners will gain deeper insight into the social and political aspects of sex work, stripping and porn."

Sex Power Money will be available from 12th August on iTunes, Spotify and Audioboom


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