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Sarah collapses in Emmerdale as Leanna's death takes its toll

And Faith keeps her test results a secret. Has her cancer returned?

With Sarah feeling increasingly stressed after Leanna's death, she's uneasy when Faith - nervous about her medical results - suggests living life on the edge. After Faith books some activities at the HOP for tomorrow, Sarah invites Cain to be there too.

Soon, Faith gets a call from the doctors’ to go in urgently and she steels herself for bad news.

When Faith hears that in is joining them for the activities, Faith decides not to ruin it and keeps her news from him and Sarah.

However, when Cain questions her about her results she’s forced to admit she’s got them. Angry that she lied to him, Cain tells her that he can't trust her and casts her out of the family.

Meanwhile, Sarah gets panicky when she bumps into Liam at the graveyard. Reflecting on Leanna’s death, he talks about how fate just decides when it’s your turn to go. Anxious, Sarah rushes home where she slumps on the floor.

Later, as Sarah recovers from her collapse, she finally opens up to Cain and Belle re her feelings over her donor and Cain hands Sarah her donor info, hoping he’s done the right thing.

What will Sarah do with this information?

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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