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Sarah convinces Adam to take his name off donor list in Corrie

And when Carla finds out, she lets rip.

Begging Adam to reconsider donating his liver, Sarah suggests he's only doing it out of guilt, and it's a hell of a price to pay. Adam is torn.

When Carla tries to chase Lucas for payment, she's surprised to find that his phone number is no longer in use. And later admits to Sarah that she was right not to trust Lucas, as it seems he’s gone bust.

Wondering how he's going to break the news to Peter and Carla, Adam tells Sarah that he's taken his name off the donor list.

Arriving at Lucas’ deserted premises, Carla and Sarah jemmy the door open, hoping to reclaim their stock. Loading up the van with the boxes of knickers, they make their getaway.

Back on the street, Adam breaks the news to Peter he’s no longer willing to be a liver donor. When Carla hears that Adam has pulled out, she’s gutted and further angered to discover it was Sarah who encouraged him.

Fuming, Carla accuses Sarah of talking Adam out of the transplant to get back at her for sleeping with Adam. How will she react when Sarah insists that Peter is a lost cause?

Coronation Street will continue Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday on ITV


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