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Sarah discovers the ‘truth’ about Lydia and Adam's affair in Corrie

But when Adam accuses Lydia of lying, who will she believe?

In the factory, lying to Sarah, Lydia tells her that she tried to finish with her married man but he refuses to accept it’s over.

And Sarah tells Adam about Lydia’s married man and how she feels sorry for her as he won’t leave her alone.

Turning on the waterworks in front of Sean, Lydia makes out it’s man trouble and Sean offers to have a word with Sarah.

Elsewhere, Imran shows Adam a series of online reviews, slating him as a solicitor and when Sarah tells Lydia about the abuse Adam is being subjected to online, she makes out to Sarah that her ex won’t stop hounding her with texts.

Outside Victoria Court, Sarah and Adam row over Lydia as she listens, intrigued. And later, Sarah answers Adam’s phone to Sasha from the hotel informing her that they’ve found the ladies’ watch from his last visit.

Back in the factory, Lydia makes out that she spent the night with her married ex and Sarah tells her about the ladies' watch. Returning home, Sarah searches through Adam's receipts and finds one from an expensive lingerie shop in London.

Calling the hotel, Sarah queries Adam's bull and the receptionist confirms that he ordered Champagne and oysters. As Sarah confronts Lydia, Lydia feigns tears and admits that she and Adam are having an affair.

As Lydia makes out that she and Adam just couldn’t resist each other, they're suddenly interrupted by the arrival of Adam who assures Sarah that Lydia’s lying through her teeth. But when Sarah shows him the receipts, will she believe him?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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