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Sarah forced to come clean to Adam about sleeping with Damon in Corrie after getting caught by Harry

How will Adam take the news?

When Adam, Damon and Nick meet with the council to discuss the late licence, Adam assures them that Damon is a changed man and committed to improving the local community. As Damon throws him a grateful glance, will they get the go-ahead?

Later, Sarah is unimpressed when Adam reveals that Damon’s invited him to a County game.

When Damon calls at the flat on the pretext of looking for Adam, Sarah tells him he's out and Damon produces a bottle of wine. When he suggests keeping her company, Sarah admits that although she loves Adam, she can’t stop thinking about him.

As Damon leans in for a kiss, they hear the door and spring apart as Gail eyes them suspiciously as she explains that Harry’s got a temperature.

As Damon goes to leave, Sarah can’t help herself and they kiss passionately. Unbeknown to them, Harry watches wide-eyed from the corridor!

In a bid to ease her guilt, Sarah tells Adam that she’s booked them both the day off so they can enjoy some family time.

However, as they play a game with Harry he becomes upset and announces that he doesn’t want a new Dad and Sarah is left trying to convince Adam that Harry’s remark was meaningless, before admitting to Harry that she did kiss Damon but would be grateful if he would keep her secret.

Distraught, Harry declares to Adam that Sarah’s a liar and he hates her. Shaking like a leaf, Sarah confesses to Adam that she’s slept with Damon.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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