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Sarah gives in to Damon in Corrie as she kisses him passionately

But as she tries for another baby with Adam, will the truth come out?

With Sarah's car blocked in and Adam working and not available, Damon offers to give her a lift to the hotel for her meeting.

Much to Sarah's annoyance, Damon sits at a nearby table but when Lulu the buyer makes disparaging remarks about the designs, Damon saunters over pretending to be a music mogul impressed by the designs and hands Sarah his card with his room number written on the back.

As Lulu looks at the designs in a new light, Sarah is still angry with Damon and heads to the room where she tears a strip off him for interfering. Amused, Damon hands Sarah a glass of Champagne and when she finishes the glass, she throws caution to the wind and kisses Damon passionately.

When Adam and Dee-Dee’s new evidence sees Damon released, Sarah and Leanne are gutted and Damon assures Sarah that he's not out to cause trouble and won’t say a word about their liaison. And Dee-Dee confronts Sarah over her relationship with Damon.

In a bid to put thoughts of Damon behind her, Sarah kisses Adam passionately and suggests that perhaps now’s the time to try for another baby. And after a night of passion, Adam's all loved up, whilst Sarah is consumed with guilt.

After telling Sarah of his plans to turn the bistro into a late-night music venue to attract local students, Damon tells Nick and Leanne that he’s happy to work the late nights as it’s an opportunity to make loads of money.

Despite their reservations, Nick and Leanne agree to apply for a late licence.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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