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Sarah invites Damon up to her room for a drink in Corrie

When she finds out who he is, will she be able to reason with him?

When Nick finds Damon sitting at his desk, he's horrified as Damon menacingly reminds him that he still has a financial interest in the business and reveals he’s hired a new solicitor who Nick might have heard of. Adam!

Fuming, Nick has a go at Adam for agreeing to act on behalf of Damon.

Horrified, Sarah rows with Adam and announces that she’s off to the hotel he booked for their date night on her own.

Later, unaware of who he is, Sarah parks herself in the hotel bar next to Damon who chats her up after Sarah admits to having had a row with her husband. Tipsy, Sarah invites Damon up to her room for a drink.

The next day, Sarah is unimpressed to realise Adam is still representing Damon and meets up with Damon in the ginnel to beg him to stay away from Nick and drop Adam as his solicitor.

But with Damon refusing to make any promises, Dee-Dee warns him that he's unlikely to walk free as whoever stitched him up knew what they were doing.

Fuming, Damon corners Nick in the bistro office and closes the door behind him.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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