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Sarah's questions Chloe on Mack being the father in Emmerdale

Can Chloe do enough to throw her off the scent?

Desperate to get rid of Chloe and concentrate on his relationship with Charity, Mackenzie reveals to Chloe that he’s paid the deposit on a flat.

Feeling pushed out, Chloe is upset and angry and Mack later insists that she moves out tomorrow. However, neither of them are aware that a curious Sarah has observed this whole tense exchange.

The next day, when Sarah asks her if Mack is the father of her unborn child, Chloe is caught off guard and feigns shock at Sarah's accusations. Chloe manages to manipulate Sarah into backing down and leaves her feeling guilty after claiming she'd never do anything to hurt her friend's family.

Later, a stern Chloe urges Mack to stop spiralling because the way he’s acting is getting people suspicious, including Sarah. And Chloe reassures Mackenzie that she threw her off the scent.

Meanwhile, Amy and Chloe make amends as they agree to give being sisters another go.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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