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Sarah struggles to find time for Adam in Corrie

Is she right to put the factory first?

At No.3, Michael shows Sarah some more of his designs and suggests they think big and bombard all the retailers on the list Stephen provided.

With Adam wanting to discuss something with Sarah, he tells her that he’s taking her for dinner. However, she later admits that she needs to work late again as they’re trying to win a big contract.

When Adam tells her that they need to make time to talk about having a baby, she tells him that now isn’t the right time to be thinking about a baby.

In the factory, Sarah, Michael and Stephen watch as Beth works away on the new samples. Having spent all night working on them, Beth tells Michael that her machine has jammed and if Carla sees it she’ll realise she’s been moonlighting. And Sarah promises Adam that she’s willing to think about having a baby when the time is right.

Meeting up with Rufus from Donahues, Sarah and Michael show him their samples and Stephen shows Rufus around the factory. But when Carla returns, he quickly steers Rufus away.

In the bistro, Rufus quizzes Stephen who makes out Carla is his PA and he announces that he’d like the exclusive rights to their products. When Peter gives Rufus a lift in his taxi, he's surprised to hear him explain how he's here to do a deal with the factory.

In the bistro, Sarah, Michael and Stephen raise a toast to their new successful business.

When Peter reveals that he gave Rufus a lift and apparently he’s doing a deal with the factory, will Carla realise what Stephen was up to?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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