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Sarah suffers a pregnancy scare in Corrie as Adam worries Damon might be dead

Will Adam agree to a paternity test? And what has happened to Damon?

When Nick shows him the Gazette, stating that one of the brothers Damon was involved with has been arrested for the murder of a local gangster, Adam pales, worries that the victim might be Damon.

Meanwhile, Owen's boss Josie is blown away by Sarah’s Nippersnapper pitch and confirms that she’s happy to sign the contract. Whilst Sarah is thrilled, her good mood is short-lived when at home she finds Adam scrolling through her phone.

Flustered, Adam tells her he needs to know if she’s heard from Damon as he’s done something really stupid. Confessing to wanting Damon out of their lives so much that he spoke to a local gangster.

As Adam tells her that he fears Damon is dead, Sarah tells him that she’s bleeding and is scared she’s losing the baby. At the hospital, Adam holds Sarah’s hand as she has a scan, but when she tries to broach the subject of the paternity test, Adam refuses to engage.

When Adam confides in Daniel about the pregnancy scare, Daniel surmises he’ll find it tough to insist on an abortion even if Damon’s the father. Stressed, Adam snaps at him and hurries off to court.

But as Adam makes his client’s case, he starts to sweat, shake and lose focus before dashing from the courtroom and Dee-Dee watches in alarm as Adam’s in the throes of a full-on panic attack.

After Adam tells Daniel he’s arranged to announce Sarah’s pregnancy to their families, Sarah tells Adam it’s too early in the pregnancy to go public. But as the Platts and Barlows assemble for the big announcement, they’re underwhelmed when Adam makes out he’s just won a big court case.

However, when Daniel arrives late and proposes a toast to the new baby, is the cat out of the bag?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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