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Sarah worries that Damon is getting closer to Adam in Corrie when he crashes his birthday lunch

But will Sarah succeed in opposing the bistro's late licence?

When Adam books a table at the bistro for his birthday, will Sarah be able to mask her unease when Damon offers to throw in a bottle of Champagne?

Taking Adam for a birthday lunch at the bistro, Damon joins Adam and Sarah at their table, leaving Sarah squirming. And Adam tells Nick that there may be a problem with the late licence as some locals have raised objections.

When Maria lets slip that Sarah was one of those who raised objections about the late licence, Nick and Adam are furious, whilst Damon enjoys her discomfort. How will Sarah turn this around?

Speaking her mind, Sarah tells Nick and Leanne that their late licence idea is a terrible one. Calling at the Rovers, Nick tells the locals that there will be a meeting at 2pm in the bistro to air their opinions on the late licence.

When Gail asserts that she has no objection to the late licence, Nick’s left baffled and wonders why Sarah lied when he tells her what Gail has said.

With the meeting to discuss the late licence about to start, Nick and Leanne wonder where Damon has got to. While Brian, Evelyn and Ken fire awkward questions about noise pollution at Nick, Leanne tries in vain to get hold of Damon.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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