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Sean in danger as news of Laurence's past comes to light in Corrie

How much danger is Sean in?

As Sean and Laurence head up the street, Todd pulls up in a taxi and when the driver recognises Laurence, he warns Todd and Eileen that their friend needs to watch his back.

Outside the Rovers, after Todd tells him about the cab driver, Sean grabs Todd’s phone, finds the taxi app and shows Laurence a picture of Mitch the taxi driver. But when Laurence makes out he’s never seen him before, back at No.11, Eileen reveals that she’s found a picture online of Laurence and his wife with her arm around Mitch, the taxi driver!

Sean tells Todd and Eileen that they’re totally wrong about Laurence, and he’s booked them a minibreak.

Tracking down Mitch, Eileen and Todd are left shell-shocked when he reveals how he and Laurence were having an affair when Lindsey fell down the mountain and he suspects Laurence pushed her. And break the news to Sean.

When Laurence reveals that the surprise minibreak involves mountains, Sean masks his unease and in the café, Laurence reveals how there will be no phone signal as the village is in the middle of nowhere. How much danger is Sean in?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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