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Sean jeopardises Daisy and Jenny's plan to buy the Rovers in Corrie

After finally seeing Double Glammy for what it really is.

Hosting a seminar for new Double Glammy recruits, Sean is distracted by Carol, who admits she hasn't managed to sell any of her products and is behind with the rent.

Bunging her £50, Sean hurries back, telling his audience that Carol’s a homeless person he helps out with his earnings, leaving Carol hurt.

Calling at the Rovers, Carol says she wants out of Double Glammy. When Sean suggests to Daisy that as a one-off they could tear up the contract, but Daisy’s not having any of it and urges Carol to get out and sell.

Later, when a horrified Sean finds Carol unconscious on a bench, he calls a doctor and confides in Eileen about her being right about Double Glammy. It’s destroyed Carol’s life and he needs to put things right.

Meanwhile, with a potential buyer due, Daisy suggests to Jenny that she take out a loan and they buy the pub together.

Determined to put things right, Sean asks Daniel to write a news article exposing Double Glammy for the rip-off it is.

So when Daisy returns from the bank, announcing she’s secured a loan off the back of her Double Glammy earnings, she’s incandescent. And as Jenny tells Johnny to cancel the viewing as she and Daisy are buying the pub, Daisy begs Daniel not to submit his article.

Coronation Street continues Mondays with all episodes available on ITV Hub ahead of being shown on ITV on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday

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