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Sean promises Dylan a fresh start in Corrie as he puts pressure on Chesney and Gemma

But will Sean get his commission? Or will he have to let Dylan down?

Having taken a call from Violet, Sean reveals that Dylan has been suspended from school and is on his way to Manchester. But when Dylan arrives, he refuses to discuss it.

Eventually, Dylan begins to open up and explains to Sean that he's being bullied at school because his Dad’s gay. After suggesting that he could come and live with him in their own flat, Dylan is thrilled.

When Sean spots Chesney, he reminds him that Gemma still owes him his commission from her makeup sales. And when Kirk reminds him that he still owes him the money for the stolen makeup, Chesney starts to feel the strain. And later, Chesney and Gemma are horrified to realise the extent of their financial problems.

Sean suggests Gemma should be more resourceful and take on extra sales people when she begs him for more time to find the commission.

Confiding in Sean, Michael tells him that he doesn't think Gemma is cut out for selling substandard makeup and already has too much on her plate.

As Gemma has a drink with Vanessa, Sean sashays over and before Gemma can stop him, recruits Vanessa to join his makeup sales team. But as Sean piles the pressure onto Gemma to sign Vanessa up, her good nature gets the better of her and she tells Vanessa to steer well clear of the pyramid makeup business as it’s a rip-off.

When Gemma tells Sean that she can't afford to pay him his commission, he panics, wondering how he’s going to pay Rhydian. After a call to Rhydian, Sean tells Gemma that if she doesn’t find the money they’ll both be sued.

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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