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Secrets and lies at Rayne's getaway results in her murder in Hollyoaks

But who's responsible for killing the influencer?

Rayne is furious after discovering via a video online that influencer Megan Bolton is hosting a party in Ibiza at the same time as her upcoming getaway.

Due to a more appealing Ibiza event happening at the same time, Rayne fails to entice a guest list of content creators for her exclusive pool party. But she is soon convinced by a scheming Faye to invite her group of village companions instead. More drama equals more viewers!

Meanwhile, Prince and Hunter come up with a plan to grab Romeo’s attention away from Rayne by hosting a radio event, causing him to feel excluded as he misses his buddies.

Desperate to get Rafe’s money back since it’s left his account, Nadira doesn't buy Rayne’s excuse of it only being a deposit. But will she manage to get through to the influencer?

And at the end of Monday's episode, flashforwards reveal a sinister series of events yet to come.

Tuesday's special hour-long episode (see it first Monday at 7.30pm on Channel 4 streaming), opens with Rayne floating lifeless in the swimming pool of the luxury villa. Until she bursts out of the water, swims up to her camera, smiles and tells her followers "The old Rayne is dead...long live Rayne 2.0" We then see a stunned Lacey explain it’s a video for the Love Cave producers.

As the 20-somethings arrive at the mansion house, with taxi driver Benny helping them get there, they're overwhelmed and Rayne is warned by talent agent Faye she is going to have to up the drama for the Love Cave producers, as the manor house is fitted with cameras to catch all the action.

Threatening Nadira, Rayne tells her that if she pushes her over returning the deposit, she will tell Lacey that Nadira got the money for the luxurious house by illegal means.

Meanwhile, in a basement, Peri wins around Rayne’s supposedly dead boyfriend. Brent who has been holding her captive.

As they both turn up at the house, Prince urges Peri to keep going on her quest to expose Rayne as a liar.

At dinner, Rayne announces a 'roast', where they each open up about their true opinions on each other. As Rayne picks apart her friends one by one, the game soon turns into ‘Who would you kill?’.

After everyone chooses Rayne, later in the episode, Rayne is found dead.

Struggling with a sensory overload, Phoenix is helped by Hunter who has to break the news to him of Rayne’s death.

As police storm the mansion, the group are taken into custody as detectives probe a murder enquiry and study online footage.

Secrets spill in the interview rooms. Prince has a motive as he was in bed with Faye. But will she confirm that?

As the interviews continue, Zoe suspects Brent and Hunter protects Phoenix, pleading for him to be let out.

Meanwhile, Lizzie rails from her cell about keeping Pheonix in custody. Cool-headed Nadira wants a lawyer. Peri thinks asking for one makes her look guilty.

Back in the village, a bereft Romeo arrives back with Nadira and Lacey to the house he shared with Rayne. As he looks at Rayne’s belongings, Romeo is distraught and the bad side of Rayne and her misplaced influencer stunts fade into insignificance as they recall all the good times they shared.

Devastated, Lacey is conflicted as she loved Rayne. But was their friendship real? And Lacey questions a distracted Nadira on why she is avoiding answering the phone to her boss Rafe, when he is calling to check on her wellbeing after hearing of the tragedy.

Anxious and under pressure, Nadira confesses to Lacey that she stole the money to pay for the villa on the company credit card.

Meanwhile, Lacey tells Lizzie and Zoe that Rayne drove her brother Sam out of the village by framing him, and Lizzie is heartbroken to have not believed her innocent brother. As she drags Dave away from Cindy to find him, Dave claims he’s not been in contact with his lost son.

Later, Hunter confesses to Lizzie it was he who planted the photobook in Sam’s car.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 7pm on E4 with first look episodes available weekdays at 7.30pm on Channel 4 streaming


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