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Shaq's mother arrives in Hollyoaks as he makes a shock confession about his father's identity

But is there another twist in the tale?

When Verity asks Shaq to help her move boxes, he gets distracted by Theresa and the next day, Sami grills Shaq about not showing up for Verity.

To stop the arguing, Verity asks Shaq to invite Theresa for dinner but offends him in the process with a comment about Theresa being a McQueen.

Over dinner, Misbah makes it clear that Shaq won’t be going anywhere, but Sami isn’t giving up on his mission to get rid of him and calls Shaq's mum, Hasina who arrives to take him home, offending Theresa in the process. Confronting Sami, Shaq remains adamant that he needs to go.

Later, sisters Hasina and Misbah argue about Shaq’s wellbeing and Shaq has had enough, revealing his suspicions about Kashif being his real dad. With the Maaliks rattled by Shaq’s shock confession, Misbah must leap to her own defence.

Meanwhile, Sami confides in Verity who admits that she helped Shaq do a DNA test. But when he shows her a letter that came through the post, which seems to be the DNA results, there is another twist in the tale.

The next day, Sami is unsure whether to tell Shaq about a shocking discovery he made and the pair have a heartfelt conversation.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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