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Sharon agrees to let Phil see Albie as he pushes her and Linda for answers on Keanu in EastEnders

But when Phil tells Albie that he's his father, will Sharon find out?


Feeling lonely on Father's Day without Ben and Louise, Phil is hurt further when Denise takes Raymond over to No.20 for christening prep and Callum fails to invite him to a video call with Ben.

Heading to No.43, Phil asks Sharon for time with Albie. Initially reluctant, Sharon soon relents and is warmed to see Phil and Albie bond whilst playing football in the Square.

Things are looking up when Sharon convinces Callum to ask Phil to join Ben’s prison call. However, the moment is short-lived and Sharon abruptly leaves when Callum starts asking questions about Dean and Keanu.

As Phil heads to No.43 to speak to Sharon, he intercepts a suspicious text from Linda on her phone and demands to know the truth.

Meanwhile, Callum's suspicions are piqued after Linda makes a comment and he heads to No.55 for Ben’s prison call. But Phil soon leaves after Callum shares details about his earlier conversation with Sharon.

Continuing to be pressed by Phil, Sharon is adamant there is nothing to tell. Realising he must try a different tact, Phil makes to head to The Vic to ask Linda himself, but Sharon stops him in his tracks.

Bumping into Callum in the café, Sharon is spooked to hear that he’s speaking to the detectives who investigated Keanu’s murder about the case.

Heading to The Vic, Sharon goes to discuss a way to keep Callum off the scent with Johnny, Linda and Jack.

Later, Phil is warmed when Sharon agrees to let him spend more time with his son and Jack speaks to Callum, trying to deter him professionally.

However, Johnny isn’t convinced it’s enough and later uses Ben’s absence to try and convince him otherwise.

Once alone with Albie at No.43, Phil confirms to Albie that he’s his dad.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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