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Sharon eyes Peter's help in EastEnders for her next business venture

But will Ben get in the way of her plans?

When Sharon complains about her new living situation, Callum suggests making a fresh start and she visits Phil. As Kat sneaks out, Sharon tells him that she wants in on his money laundering scheme.

Vinny is happy with himself for nabbing the gold bars but Kheerat bursts his bubble telling him he’s a liability. Suki scorns her eldest for not showing Vinny gratitude and demands that he’s given a chance.

As they come up with a plan, Kheerat asks if Ben wants a cut, under the proviso that Vinny comes along too. Ben’s not pleased but they’ve got a deal.

Scrolling through businesses to buy, Sharon hears Peter talking about the lucrative fitness industry and later questions him about personal training. Outside the gym, which is for sale, Kim reminds Sharon she’s got to be in it to win it and she makes a call.

Kheerat watches on as Sharon heads into the gym with an estate agent. When he's joined by Ben, he spots Sharon and wants to scupper her plans by making an offer on the gym.

As Sharon persuades Peter to work with her, she receives some bad news - there's been another offer. When she tells Kheerat that her plan's been ruined, can he help her secure it?

Later, Lexi wants Callum to sort the table plan for the wedding, they struggle with where to sit Phil. When Lexi suggests Sharon, Ben comments she won’t be in Walford for much longer.

And in the café, Callum asks Phil if he’ll be bringing a plus one, but it’s clearly awkward when he realises Kat has overheard their conversation.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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