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Sharon sends Zack packing as she chooses Kheerat over him in EastEnders

But what will Suki make of Kheerat's 'mystery woman'?

At the gym launch, Sharon spots Zack turning on the charm with an important potential client and Kheerat promises to have a word. Managing to prise Zack away, Kheerat shuts him in the locker room and cranks up the music.

When Linda arrives, wanting to chat, it's time for Sharon's speech and Zack's shouts can now be heard. As Nancy lets him out of the locker room, Zack takes matters into his own hands.

With her shocked guests watching on, Kheerat tries to apologise but Sharon directs her fury towards her brother. She wants Zack to pack his bags and leave.

As Sharon and Linda make amends, Sharon stays coy about Kheerat when Linda reminds her that Zack is still her blood. Later, Nancy moves back home while Sharon tells Linda she’s asked Zack to stay.

As Vinny wonders about his brother’s mystery woman, Kheerat refuses to kiss and tell and later runs into Sharon who mentions she’s free all day. But Kheerat isn’t keen, until he sees Gray and suddenly changes his mind.

Returning from her trip, Suki is annoyed after Vinny mentions Kheerat’s seeing someone. Desperate for money, for mysterious reasons, Suki asks Phil for a loan, but he refuses.

Over at Walford East, Sharon and Kheerat agree to keep things casual, when they're interrupted by Suki. Revelling in his rebellion, Kheerat enjoys making Suki squirm about his dalliance with Sharon and as he dashes out, she gets a call from Jags.

Later, Stas turns up at the Minute Mart to meet Kheerat as arranged, but Suki reveals the message was from her she wants to talk business.

Kheerat is furious with Suki for messaging Stas behind his back and is forced to explain that Jags is in trouble.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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