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Sheree forces Isaac to take time off work in EastEnders

But will he agree?

Ruby and Martin are shocked when Patrick returns the things Isaac stole.

With Ruby due at the hospital, it's a lot to take in for Ruby, but Martin empathises with Patrick after what happened with Stacey and offers him some advice.

When they arrive home from Ruby’s procedure, Jean checks in and Martin thanks her for handling the situation so well with Isaac as Jean hopes he gets the help he needs.

Checking in on Lola, Jean offers some advice and Sheree tells the school that Isaac needs some time off. When he finally arrives home, Sheree is sure after a few weeks of rest, he’ll be right as rain.

But later, Patrick finds Isaac looking for the diaries and Patrick is alarmed after Isaac refuses to drop it. When Patrick tells Sheree that he wants to call Rafe, she explains how Isaac can't be forced into taking his medication. Instead, the help needs to come from his family,

EastEnders continues Mondays with all episodes available on iPlayer ahead of being shown on BBC One

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