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Shock collapse in Corrie after Amy's drink is spiked

Will she pull through? And is Jacob to blame?

At the Valentine's Dance, Daniel heads over to chat to Amy and her mates, but upon realising they’re drunk, he orders them to leave and Jacob suggests they go clubbing.

As Amy Asha, Summer and Aadi meet up with Jacob outside a club, inside, Amy becomes increasingly woozy before suddenly collapsing. Yelling at Asha, Aadi and Summer to call an ambulance, Jacob puts Amy in the recovery position.

In the hospital, Steve and Tracy stare in shock at Amy’s seemingly lifeless body and as Asha and Aadi approach, Steve asserts that if Jacob’s responsible for Amy’s condition, he’ll make sure hers is the last life he ever destroys.

Whilst Jacob reckons someone spiked Amy’s drink before she got to the club, Steve tells Asha and Aadi that Amy's blood tests show she’s taken GHB and is convinced that Jacob spiked her drink.

The nurse tells Steve and Tracy that Amy should make a full recovery and that whoever put her in the recovery position, saved her life. Despite Asha revealing it was Jacob, and Jacob assuring him he didn't spike Amy's drink, Steve orders Jacob to stay away from Amy in future.

Triggered by Amy's spiking, David demands answers and urges Daniel to lean on the school to conduct a full investigation and find out who spiked Amy’s drink as there’s clearly a predator on the loose.

Later, David tells Max that until they find the person responsible for spiking Amy’s drink, he'll have to study from home in a safe environment, leaving Max visibly shaken.

Meanwhile, Daniel asks Max to download the footage of the dance for the police and Max, watching the footage back, is shocked by what he sees.

When David returns home with a police officer in tow, Max hands over the camera to the officer.

As a police officer questions Amy about the spiked drink, there’s a commotion in the corridor. Tracy and Amy dash out just in time to see Steve punching Jacob and Amy makes it clear to Steve that if she wants to see Jacob, it’s her decision and not his.

Later, calling at No.1, Leanne rails at Amy for getting involved with Jacob and after Amy receives a text telling her that Jacob’s been arrested for supplying fake IDs, Simon tells her he's responsible for the arrest.

In the backyard of No.1, Amy tells Jacob that she’s no choice but to end their relationship. How will Jacob take the news?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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