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Shona leaves David after 'kiss' with Maria in Corrie

Can Maria persuade Shona to give David another chance?

Aware that Daniel works at the STC, David asks him if he can find out how Max is coping. After an STC officer, June, finds Max nursing facial injuries she calls David to inform him of the attack on Max.

Finding David drunk and alone in Victoria Garden, Maria’s sympathetic but when David leans in for a drunken kiss, she orders him to go home and he pays Alya a visit. When Shona enters the restaurant, she assures David that from now on they face everything together.

When Maria tells Gary about David’s attempt to kiss her, he finds David and Shona in the Rovers. Mortified, Shona hurries out whilst David tells Gary he was drunk and deeply regrets it. Returning home, Shona tells David that she's leaving him.

Over breakfast a downcast David admits to Gail that Shona’s left him and as Maria assures Shona that David’s drunken pass meant nothing, will it be enough to persuade Shona to give David another chance?

With Daniel concerned to see Max’s bruises, he asks Alya if she’d consider going to visit Max. Agreeing, she visits Max at the STC who explains to her how his life was a mess.

Meanwhile, Yasmeen listens as Alya reads out the victim impact statement she’s written for Blake’s sentencing hearing tomorrow and David thanks her for taking the time to visit Max.

And after Max calls David to ask if he will visit him, the Platts pay Max a visit.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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