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Shona's hit and run in Corrie sees Todd end up in hospital

And he has a long way to go before Billy can forgive him.

Letting herself into No.8 in her dressing gown, Shona confesses that she went to move his car, but in the process hit something, panicked and drove off!

Shocked, David finds no evidence at the scene of the accident so they shrug it off and ask Abi to mend the dent in the car. Shona admits to Abi that she was driving the car and hit something and Abi reluctantly agrees not to go to the police.

Meanwhile, Eileen tells Billy that Todd has been the victim of a hit and run and is in hospital. Later, a battered and bruised Todd tells Eileen that he can’t remember much about the accident and she's just relieved that he's on the mend.

Assuring Shona that he's hidden the car, David plans to pay Todd a visit in the hospital to test the water and see how much he remembers.

Calling at No.8, Craig informs David that they found his car dumped in a pub car park miles away and with a huge dent in it and David does his best to remain calm. With Craig gone, David and Shona mull over their options.

Later, Sarah is shocked to witness Craig arresting David on suspicion of failing to stop and report a road traffic accident.

At the police station, Craig interviews David and reveals that the paint fragments on Todd’s clothes match those of the car but later tells David new evidence has come to light and he is free to go.

Having moved back into No.11, Todd tells Mary that he intends to be a better person, starting with his community service.

But when Billy realises Todd has been assigned to work at the soup kitchen he is furious and sends him packing. Has Todd fallen at the first hurdle?

As Mary queues up at the soup kitchen, she persuades Billy to find a job for Todd or he could end up in prison. Begrudgingly, Billy relents.

But when he reveals that they won’t be working together again, as he’s made sure they’re on different shifts, Todd realises he’s a long way to go before Billy will forgive him.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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