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Sid seeks revenge on Courtney in Hollyoaks after she makes her feelings clear

Will this jeopardise her interview at the school?

Juliet gets the wrong end of the stick when she thinks Sid is still harbouring feelings for her, but after talking to him at The Hutch, she thinks he could do with having a girl in his life

At the Salon De The, Juliet surprises Sid with a date with Raya, a fellow student. The date goes surprisingly well, until Courtney shows up. And later, Sid has a shocking confession for Romeo and Tom.

As Courtney practises her interview with Nancy, for acting deputy head teacher, she is shocked to find Sid intoxicated.

She tries to cheer him up, but as he continues to pine for her, she makes it clear that she has no feelings for him in that way because he’s a student. As they sit under the bike sheds, Sid snaps a picture of them.

Finding herself in hot water, Courtney discovers that a shocking rumour has been spread about her as Nancy tells her they need to discuss her relationship with Sid.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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