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Sienna causes drama at Brody's funeral in Hollyoaks

Can Warren stop her from visiting Summer in prison?

As Brody’s funeral approaches, Liberty convinces Damon to let Sienna help with the planning. But will Sienna take it too far?

When a cupcake delivery with Summer written all over it arrives, Liberty and Damon agree to just focus on Brody’s funeral with Sienna determined to make a police report.

Later, she rants to Liberty about their lack of action and Damon uses this as another reason to make a dig at Sienna before he makes a big decision.

As the day of Brody’s funeral arrives, Damon's words seem to be getting to Sienna as she starts to blame herself too. But a pep talk from Warren puts a kickback in her step.

When Damon verbally attacks her again, Sienna takes charge and locks herself in the venue. But when he threatens to call the police, Liberty tries to talk some sense into her.

Sienna and Damon hit another bump in the road when Sami reads them Brody’s will, and Damon is not impressed with what Brody left Sienna. Accidentally adding fuel to the fire, Liberty lets slip that Sienna was involved in hurting a child, DeMarcus, at school.

When Liberty tries to convince Damon to let go of his resentment towards Sienna, will he listen to her?

Resorting to old habits, Sienna seeks Warren out to take her pain away and afterwards, tells him that she’s considering visiting Summer in prison. He desperately tries to convince her it’s a bad idea.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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