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Simon feels betrayed by Carla in Corrie as Jacob starts working at the factory

Can Jacob win him over?

Calling at the factory, Amy begs Carla to give Jacob a job. At first, Carla is incredulous, but can’t help admiring Amy’s cheek and offers Jacob a trial.

But when news of Jacob's new job at the factory reaches Simon, Toyah, Nick, Leanne and Peter, Carla has some questions to answer. With no one able to understand her decision, Simon Simon rails at her for her lack of loyalty.

Calling at the factory, Simon publicly shames Jacob for his violent, drug-dealing past leaving him deeply humiliated. As Carla masks her unease, Simon makes it clear that he’ll never forgive him and he’d better watch his back.

Outside the shop, Jacob makes a furtive call giving Simon cause to think that he’s planting drugs in Victoria Garden for a client. Confronting Jacob, Simon demands he hand over his stash, but when Jacob reveals that he was planting a packet of custard creams, Simon realises he’s been duped.

And as Jacob describes his life of hell working for Harvey and how he grabbed the opportunity to escape as soon as Harvey was banged up, Simon looks at him in a new light.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV

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