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Simon takes responsibility for his actions as Sam is rushed to hospital in Corrie

And when Leanne proposes, what will Nick’s answer be?


Roy is bemused when Sam struggles to make a basic chess move as they play before school. Meanwhile, Simon tells Nick he’s sorry about the car and Nick assures him it was an accident. But when Kevin lets slip that the car repairs were nothing to do with the brakes, Nick’s suspicions grow.

At school, Hope finds Sam unconscious on the floor and yells for a teacher. As he's rushed to hospital, Leanne tells the doctor that Sam was involved in a car accident. Forced to admit to Nick that the brakes weren’t at fault, he reels when Leanne tells him that she lied to protect Simon, as he'd been drinking and was over the limit when he crashed.

Awash with guilt, Simon decides to take responsibility and Sam is upset to discover that Simon has moved out. Meanwhile, Leanne rails at Nick for throwing Simon out and always putting his own son first.

Later, Leanne finds Simon huddled on a bench in Victoria Garden and is horrified to realise he’s been there all night. As Simon pours his heart out, telling her that Nick’s right, he’s a waste of space, he drinks too much and is turning into his Dad, how will Leanne react?

After admitting to Nick, Leanne and Toyah that he’s been drinking too much, Simon assures them that he intends to change. And whilst Leanne hugs him, it's clear that Nick doesn’t share her optimism.

When Toyah lets slip that Nick was planning to propose to her, Leanne’s taken aback and later gets down on one knew and proposes! But after recent events, will Nick accept?

And later, David urges Nick to voice his reservations about their relationship to Leanne.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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