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Sonia accuses Rocky of theft in EastEnders

Will they ever manage to sort out their issues?

Ahead of her date with Rocky, Bobby and Iqra offer her some encouragement and when she meets up with Rocky, Kathy is pleasantly surprised with the effort he has put in. But Kathy thinks her purse was stolen during their date.

Meanwhile, Sonia is suspicious of Rocky's interest in the houses on the Square, especially Ruby’s. So when news reaches her that Ruby's house has been broken into, Sonia's suspicions increase as she accuses Rocky of breaking into Ruby's and stealing Kathy's purse!

Later, Kathy is having an event at the Prince Albert to honour the musical bookings she had for Walford Pride. But with Mila still angry at Kathy, Iqra feels terrible that Kathy is taking the blame for Nyangi’s arrest.

After helping Bobby with his relationship woes, Iqra feels bad about lying to Mila and reveals the truth, leaving Mila shocked.

And Kathy sets Rocky and Sonia up to talk through their issues. Will they be able to sort things out?

EastEnders continues Mondays with all episodes available on iPlayer ahead of being shown on BBC One


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