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Sonia feels supported as she holds a vigil for Dot in EastEnders

And is overwhelmed when Dot's funeral is brought forward.

With Sonia having been up most of the night looking at photos of Dot, Martin visits her, offering to help her plan Dot’s funeral with Reverend Mills. But she says she’ll be OK.

During her chat with the vicar, Sonia seeks reassurance that Dot is in heaven, and they discuss how her faith gave her comfort. During their meeting, Dotty bursts in, followed by Kathy and Rocky and Sonia despairs over what to do about her.

The next day, when Sonia receives a call from Reverend Mills to say they can do Dot’s funeral on Monday, she's overwhelmed and with Martin, Sharon, Patrick, Jay and Kathy's help, she's able to pull everything together to give Dot the send-off she deserves.

Although Sonia’s heart is full seeing Dot’s loved ones rallying around, she breaks down later when alone with Martin as they look through a box of Dot’s things.

Later in the week, Jay breaks the news to Sonia that he can’t officiate Dot’s funeral as he has to go with Lola to her radiotherapy session.

After Dotty finds a tape recorder so that Sonia can listen to Dot’s tape, Sonia misses Whitney’s party to stay at home and gets tearful after hearing Dot’s voice.

Upon hearing that Dot’s body is now at No 25, where Sonia is keeping a vigil, Whitney, Dotty and Jack arrive so they can all be together to support Sonia and remember Dot.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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