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Sonia's shocked when her father turns up in EastEnders

Will Sonia give him a chance?

As Sonia returns with gifts for Dotty and Tiff, Dotty can’t help but take a dig at Sonia for spending Dot’s money. Telling Tiff she is determined to keep their card scam going, Dotty calls Sonia a middle-aged fun sponge.

Unbeknownst to her, Sonia has overheard and later makes it known to Tiffany that she heard what Dotty said about her. And later, at The Vic, Denise lets it slip to Sonia that Dotty is a hostess at Ruby’s.

Meanwhile, as Rainie enters the tube station, she walks into a man, Terry, who asks for directions to Albert Square. Terry soon finds himself at Ruby’s, entertaining a crowd. Bursting in, Sonia gives Dotty an earful and makes it clear she will not stand for her being a hostess and talking to old men, looking to Terry.

Back in The Vic, Sonia is mortified to see Rocky again. But as he strides towards them, asking for Sonia, she has disappeared.

He tells Tiff and Denise that he has been looking for Sonia after she sent him a letter. He is Terry Cant, her father!

As he recalls memories from her childhood, Sonia remains unimpressed. Later, Terry impresses everyone with his tales of grandeur and explains how he got his monicker 'Rocky'. But how will he fare when Sonia decides to test him?

As Tiffany sings Rocky’s praises, Sonia still isn’t convinced. But when Dotty overhears, she chimes in that she’d give anything to be able to talk to her dad again and Sonia should give Rocky a chance.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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