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Sparks fly between Jenny and Ronnie in Corrie

But when Johnny makes a surprise return home, who will she choose? And what secret has Ronnie been hiding?

When Ed returns from Birmingham, he is perplexed to find his camper van gone. But how will he react when he finds out what Ronnie has done to it?

When Ronnie suggests to Jenny she could come with him to pick up Ed’s camper van, Daisy clocks their intimacy.

Later, Jenny is uncomfortable when Johnny quizzes her about the new B&B guest.

Returning to the Rovers, Jenny thanks Ronnie for the ride in the camper van and the chemistry between them is evident. And as Jenny tries to get Ed and Ronnie to settle their differences over a drink in the Rovers, they're interrupted by the arrival of Kat.

And both Ed and Jenny are left shocked when Kat reveals she is not Ronnie’s business partner but his wife!

When Jenny makes it clear to Ronnie that he has to move out, he's shocked. Intrigued as to why her sudden change of heart, Daisy finds a distraught Jenny in the bistro.

Ed is shocked when Ronnie tells him that he's going to sell his half of the business to Kat and then see where the mood takes him.

With his bags packed, Ronnie begs Jenny to give him another chance, just as Johnny arrives home unexpectedly, with a bunch of flowers. After some awkward introductions, Ronnie explains that he’s just leaving. Picking up his bags, Ed heads out.

Glad to be home, Johnny hugs Jenny and thanks Daisy for looking after Jenny while he was in prison. Assuring Daisy that he loves Jenny, Johnny admits he hasn’t been the best husband but intends to make it up to her.

As Ronnie calls to say goodbye, Ed suggests that he can stay in the camper van, leaving Ronnie delighted and grateful to his brother for the lifeline.

After Ronnie agrees to keep his distance from Jenny, they are both troubled when Ed insists Johnny go back to No.3 for a game of dominoes.

Meanwhile, Jenny is uncomfortable when a downcast Fix pours her heart out about Tyrone’s affair.

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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