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Stacey agrees to a date with Theo in EastEnders

But is it a decision she’ll end up regretting?

When Jean tries to play matchmaker between Stacey and Theo, Stacey downplays her interest in Theo. But she obviously likes him.

Despite her misgivings over arranging a date with Theo, Martin's disapproval causes her to double down on the plan.

Meeting with Theo at Walford East, things are a bit awkward as Stacey doesn't feel a connection

Thinking she had a great time on the date, Eve asks Theo to be Stacey’s plus-one at Kathy’s wedding, leaving her best mate horrified.

Stacey explains there was no spark on the date and the dream she had was about Martin, not Theo! And as Eve wonders if there’s still a future for her and Martin, Stacey is left thoughtful.

Eve realises that Stacey hasn’t uninvited Theo to the wedding yet, but she’s too busy thinking about Martin. As Stacey tries to flirt with Martin at The Vic, he doesn’t take the bait and later, she decides to ask Martin to be her plus one and ditch Theo.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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