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Stacey confesses the truth about Theo's attack to Jack in EastEnders

Can she convince him to keep quiet?

Still reeling at Theo’s attempts to make contact on the day of his plea hearing, asking to meet, Stacey is reluctant. But after Lily opens up about her worries for her mum to Ricky, Stacey decides to go.

At the meet, Stacey tries to manipulate Theo into pleading guilty by promising to restart their ‘relationship’ once he’s served his time. But when Theo reacts badly to her suggestion, Stacey starts to worry if she’s made the situation worse.

Whilst Jean tries to discourage her from attending Theo’s plea hearing, Stacey is certain that she wants to be there and Martin and Jack support her as she anxiously waits for Theo to give evidence.

Later on in the week, Jack comforts a drunken Stacey after she tearfully confesses her fears about Theo and takes Stacey back to No.27 to sober up, where Sam, who is temporarily living there, tells Jack about her dislike of the Slaters.

Once alone, Jack is shocked when Stacey admits that she planted the wrench on Theo to cover up Freddie’s actions and make it look like Theo tried to attack her. Due to his position, Jack tells her that he must inform the authorities of her confession.

Detailing her actions, Stacey pleads with Jack to keep quiet, which he reluctantly accepts and Stacey is touched by Jack’s support as they have a heart-to-heart about the past.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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