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Stacey drops a HUGE bombshell as she's welcomed back to Walford in EastEnders

But what could it be? And what does this mean for Martin?

As Jean plans a party for Stacey’s return, she appeals to Suki to fix the boiler but she gets a less than helpful response. When Lily reminds Martin that the kids will be moving home, the reality that he’ll now be alone sets in.

At Walford East, the party kicks off and when Stacey appears, Jean and Lily are thrilled to see her, but Martin feels on edge. Later, she asks to speak to him.

After the party, Martin opens up to Zack about Stacey who encourages him to go for it with her. But when he later decides to reveal his true feelings, Stacey interrupts him to drop a huge bombshell! What could it be?

After appealing to Kheerat to get Suki to fix the boiler, Stacey steals his keys after he says no and the Slaters later break into Panesar's to shower.

At The Vic, Martin, Stacey and the kids have lunch, but when Stacey spots Janine she leaves.

Meanwhile, the Panesars arrive home to discover someone’s been in their house and Suki quickly blames the Slaters, noticing that Jags’ watch is missing.

Stacey’s probation officer arrives after Kheerat accuses the Slaters of stealing Jags’ watch and Suki decides to take matters into her own hands. Despite a flustered Jean, all goes well with the probation officer until Suki storms in accusing Stacey of stealing and presents them with an eviction notice.

Unbeknownst to Stacey, Eve, who she knows from prison, is in Walford at The Prince Albert and spotting Shirley, Eve starts flirting with her.

At The Vic, Stacey appears looking for Eve. They happily embrace and Eve meets Jean who isn’t so impressed.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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