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Stacey falls for Kheerat in EastEnders

Could this be the start of something special?

Phil doesn't take Jean seriously when she goes to him for business advice, but humours her, recommending she use bribery.

As Honey starts her new job as the Market Inspector, Billy is stunned and the traders make fun of him and she tells him that there'll be no favourites on her watch. Hoping that's not the case, Jean interrupts and offers Honey a cake in return for Stacey getting a good spot on the market.

Stacey also tries to get a good spot with Honey, who makes it clear she does not accept bribes leaving Stacey furious with her mum.

With Eve and Jean's support, Stacey opens her new business venture and with a long line of customers waiting, including Kheerat, Stacey and Kheerat share a longing look whilst Jean serves him.

But when Kheerat gets food poisoning from Stacey's food van, Suki makes a point of telling everyone. Whilst on a house call, Dr Nina looks over a sick Kheerat who isn't quite sure if she is flirting with him and later Stacey visits to apologise.

Later, after Ben lets Stacey know that someone paid the difference for the repairs to her van, she realises it was Kheerat and pays him another visit to say thank you. As they share a moment, Vinny interrupts and Kheerat laters visits Stacey. As he kisses her on the cheek, Stacey is left smitten.

Elsewhere, Jean is annoyed that Harvey is her cab driver for her doctor’s appointment after he upset her earlier by making a comment about his ex.

As she attends the appointment, the doctor is concerned that she hasn't been in for over a year, but Jean insists she’s taking her meds.

But when she can’t find her diary for her appointment, Jean panics until Harvey arrives just in the nick of time to say she left her diary in the cab, causing Jean to open up to him.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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