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Stacey is determined to find out who her stalker is when she's sent flowers in EastEnders

Is the game up for Theo as Eve turns to Jack for help?

After planning a romantic rendezvous at the allotments with Martin, Stacey realises she's double-booked with her client and Martin tries to make out he's cool with it by encouraging her to take the date to earn money while he looks after the kids downstairs.

But at the Slaters', the reality of the situation hits Martin hard when he overhears Stacey flirting and he rushes out of the house!

With Stacey disappointed that Martin left suddenly, as they had plans, Jean bumps into Martin and they both admit that they struggle to accept Stacey's cam work.

Resolving to get over it, Martin asks Stacey to meet him at Walford East for dinner and over a meal they discuss Martin's housing issue and agree he'll move in with the Slaters temporarily. But an innocent conversation about dessert triggers Martin to snap, and Stacey realises he's not ok with her cam work.

As Stacey leaves, Martin gets horribly drunk and starts a fight in The Vic.

Later on in the week, to put his mind at rest, Stacey decides to tell Martin exactly what happens during her Secret Cam dates to put his mind at rest that it's nothing dodgy. As they talk at the war memorial, Theo overhears their conversation and gets angry to hear them theorise that he's some sad, old man.

When Stacey later gets a shocking sexual request from her private client, she confides in Eve. But before she gets a chance to turn him down, Martin makes a shocking discovery on her laptop, and the whole situation blows up!

Receiving a message from her client, Stacey is horrified when it's made clear that he knows details about her private life. When Eve points out that it must be someone she knows, Stacey is petrified she's got a stalker and tries to find out who it is.

Things get worse when Stacey gets flowers from her private client and she realises he knows where she lives.

Later, Eve discreetly quizzes an oblivious Jack about whether the police can help, but he tells her that no crime has been committed in the theoretical scenario she's describing.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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