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Stacey is threatened with violence in EastEnders by loan shark Shiv

Can Alfie make the money she needs in time?

When Freddie offers to treat her to a slap-up Mother’s Day lunch at The Vic, Jean is thrilled.

But when they get to the pub, Rocky, who is there with Kathy, Bobby and Ben, is desperate to keep a lid on how he and Freddie have been making their money.

Needing money, a cash-strapped Stacey can't understand how Freddie is so flush but when she and Eve interrupt a clandestine meeting between Freddie and Rocky in the laundrette back room, they get more than they bargained for.

Relieved to have the cash for loan shark Shiv, when Stacey pays the dangerous criminal, he demands another £200 by tomorrow or threatens violence.

Having made no money, a desperate Stacey turns to Alfie who comes up with an idea to raid Big Mo’s stock of wedding dresses. After Sharon turns down the chance to be Alfie’s glamorous assistant, she suggests Linda would be the perfect fit. But she's not in the mood.

However, after watching Alfie crash and burn with some ill-judged banter, Linda can’t resist getting involved.

Tempted to try on a dress at Alfie’s wedding emporium, Kathy likes what she sees but Rocky is rattled when she tells him she’s got a dress and intends to set a date with Reverend Mills ASAP.

As time ticks down to Shiv’s deadline, Stacey is terrified. Can Alfie make the money she needs in time?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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