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Stacey makes a decision about her future after sharing a moment with Martin in EastEnders

But will it involve either Martin or Theo?

With Lily horrified that Theo is her mum’s wedding date, Stacey doesn’t remember leaving a drunken voicemail and asks Martin to be her plus one instead.

Things soon get awkward when Martin shows up just after Theo and suggests she ditches him.

Later, at the registry office, Martin and Stacey share a moment before Theo tries to wind Martin up by kissing Stacey's hand, Feeling awkward, Stacey is conflicted about what to do about Martin, but Jean tells her to stop getting in the way of her own happiness.

Soon, Stacey makes a decision about her future and whether Martin is part of it. Together, Stacey and Martin are united as they join the Brannings for another family conference.

Martin is in awe of how Stacey fought for Lily and her baby’s future and Eve tries to convince Stacey that she should give things another go with Martin. But she's not sure she can take the risk.

As Stacey braces herself to tell Martin that she's still doing cam work for a client, Martin worries about who she is talking to and if she’s in danger. And it's not long before the conversation ends in a row as Stacey asserts that she’ll do what she wants.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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