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Stacey rejects Martin's help in EastEnders, vowing to solve the Slaters' money issues alone

How far will she go with her camera work?

As the Slaters' money issues spiral out of control, the bailiffs arrive to clear Stacey out of house and home. Martin tries offering additional support, but Stacey insists she can handle it.

Later, after spotting a dejected Stacey, Freddie quickly comes up with a money-spinning idea to get more customers to the bap van.

Freddie's plan is an instant success and an overjoyed Stacey is quickly distracted by an offer from a Secret Cam.

Continuing to dismiss Martin’s help, Stacey contemplates her latest Secret Cam offer and asks Eve to look after the bap van. Later, she's confronted by Eve who returns home to find Stacey dolled up.

Meanwhile, Stacey and Martin are horrified to learn that Lily is bullying a girl at school and soon realise that her behaviour was influenced as a result of her own bullying.

Later, Martin takes a struggling Stacey for a picnic in the park where the pair share a heart-to-heart and he unknowingly gives her the reassurance she needs.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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