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Stacey's return puts pressure on Martin and Ruby's relationship in EastEnders

But what does this mean for the new couple? And is she here to stay?

As her finance troubles continue, Ruby continues to hide the real issue from Martin before admitting that someone has been pretending to be her. But who could it be?

Later, when a car pulls up, Stacey gets out and approaches Ruby. When she meets with Martin, he tells her that he's not best pleased with her actions - her response? That she isn't planning on staying for long in Walford.

Upon hearing this, Ruby pays Stacey a visit to tell her that she has to stay so that Martin can see the kids. But will she agree to do as Ruby says?

When Stacey tells Kat that she worries her mum will never forgive her for leaving, she's reminding about Jean's tough time beating cancer and losing the man she loved.... and her daughter.

Reminded of all the things she's missed, will Stacey be able to mend her relationship with Jean?

Worried that Martin still has feelings for Stacey, Ruby gives him the opportunity to confess but he reassures her that nothing has changed. And after a heated chat with Stacey, Martin insists on going away that night with Ruby they deserve a break.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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