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Stath Lets Flats returns for a special Comic Relief sketch

Dermot O'Leary will guest star in the special sketch, all in aid of Red Nose Day this coming Friday (17th March) on BBC One.

On Friday night Dermot O’Leary is visiting small businesses to see what they are doing to raise money for Comic Relief.

First up are the staff of Michael & Eagle lettings whose unique (and only) fundraising idea is to take Dermot on a sponsored tour of a rented flat.

Stath then showcases a brand-new song that he has written for Comic Relief, titled Comic Release, which stars Stath, his sister Sophie, Katia and Al, plus some very special guest artists!

Speaking about Dermot's special visit, Stath Charalambos said "I couldn’t feel more pleasant to have met Dernot O’Really in 2023 for Comic Release. His clothes fit on his body perfectly. Thank you X factor."

Comic Relief returns Friday 17th March from 7pm on BBC One


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