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Ste is left heartbroken when James’ dark side is revealed in Hollyoaks

But will love prevail?

Wanting to get to the bottom of what Lucas meant when he drunkenly mentioned James, Ste tricks his husband into confessing everything. James begs for his husband’s forgiveness, but Ste calls him an abuser and tells him that he plans on going to the police.

Wanting to make sure his daughter is ok, Ste rushes to The Dog where James follows him and Leela questions her brother on what’s going on. Ste shares how James hit Lucas and a scuffle breaks out when the protective auntie launches herself at the lawyer.

Ste tells James the trust between them both is gone and their future is up to Lucas. When he goes to check on his son he’s left panicking when he’s not there and the bedroom window is open.

With Lucas having been missing all night, his family frantically try to find him. Knowing it was his fault the teen ran away, James sets out to bring him home, but Ste tells him he doesn’t want him anywhere near his son.

As Leah and Shing Lin get ready to go and celebrate New Year’s Eve, James turns up at the door and Lucas admits to Leah that he invited him as he doesn’t want his dad to be miserable without him. Storming off, Leah takes Shing Lin with her.

Later, James tells Ste he’s signed up for anger management classes and that he is going to start putting the family first.

Hollyoaks continues Boxing Day to Friday 29th December on E4 with first look episodes on Channel 4 streaming


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